video evidence of zach lavine doing a windmill dunk from the free throw line during the dunk contest at a seattle pro-am



*constantly makes fun of people who get cosmetic surgeries*

*is insecure as hell their own damn self*

i don’t get the problem with someone wanting to get any kind of surgery to fix an insecurity. i made a post like this the other day, but i feel as though i need to elaborate more. i keep seeing these photos of people making fun of kylie jenner for magically sprouting a pair of fuller lips. now let’s be honest, she probably did have a surgery to get fuller lips, but why is that a problem? that is something she wanted done because it made her feel better. i’ve seen people on here(and irl) preach all of this natural shit and embracing this, that and the third about yourself. if you believe that a surgery will fix your problem and make you happier then go right ahead and do that. it’s the same as a person who is overweight believing they need to shed some of that weight. should they be faulted for wanting to lose weight and not “embrace how they look already”? cut it the fuck out.